Caitlin Christopher

1998 - 2004

Caitlin Christopher

Caitlin Christopher is from Atlanta Georgia where she first fell in love with ballet at the age of twelve.  After studying pre-professionally through high school at North Atlanta Dance Academy and attending such summer programs as Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, North Carolina School of the Arts, and Boston Ballet, she pursued a degree in Dance at the University of Georgia. 

While studying at UGA she was a member of the University of Georgia Ballet Ensemble, becoming president of the group by her senior year.  She also performed guest work including Hubbard Street Dance Theatre’s piece “The 40s” and was a soloist in Kennett Oberly’s “Within/Without”. 

While at UGA, she also discovered her love of creating choreography.  Some of her notable achievements in creation are her solo piece “Intoxicating Misery” that received an honorable mention at the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO), the trio “Unquiet Divide” that was nominated for and shown at American College Dance Festival Association, and “NYC-SYR: Seat 24” the 10 dancer ensemble piece that was nominated to be shown at ACDFA. 

Caitlin is now in her first season with the contemporary ballet company Ballet Fantastique in Eugene Oregon, performing soloist roles in the sold out Cirque de Lune, Casanova, and Pride and Prejudice: A Parisian Jazz Ballet.  Caitlin is also excited to perform in Ballet Fantastique’s first International tour, dancing As You Like It: A Wild West Ballet in San Benedetto Italy in summer 2013.  Caitlin is looking forward to her second season with Bfan in 2013-2014, performing the first authorized Ballet version of ZORRO. 

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